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Got me through my toughest season!

When I tell you, life be lifing! But this 90-Day GratitudeJournal keeps you ​focused on what you set out to do, and the vision you are to achieve.

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Discover ​what’s ​possible

w/ Jessica Myers

90-Day Gratitude Journal

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Jessica Myers

Jessica Myers is the legendary Deal MKR who is best known for ​being a Hotel Owner, Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur.

Through her love for community and development, she has ​transacted over $50M in Real Estate. This wouldn't be possible ​if it weren't for her love of journaling and reflection.

This journal will be the turning point to change your life. Stay ​consistent no matter what.

"My hope for you is that you prosper and be in good health"


Carl Wright

Carl is the CEO of C&C Wright Investments, LLC and a ​self-published author. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, ​he grew up in Decatur, Georgia. Carl has had a passion ​for the arts since the age of seven when one of his ​drawings was published in Sesame Street Magazine in ​1986.

He combined his love of writing and mental health ​advocacy to establish "Carl Is Always Wrighting 'Your ​Literary Source'". Through this brand, he authors ​customized literary works such as popular 90-day ​gratitude journals. Carl infuses creativity, persistence ​and networking into each unique journal he pens.

“We’re all puzzle pieces, seeking ​connections and expansions with those ​who share our vision."


Three ​Simple ​Steps

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  • Begin with daily prompts
  • Stay Consistent
  • Achieve Your Dreams

Discover the Journey to Success

  • Begin each day with intention and gratitude.
  • Cultivate a mindset of abundance and ​positivity.
  • Achieve your dreams through daily reflection.

Connect with a Supportive Community

  • Join a network of like-minded high achievers.
  • Share your journey and learn from others.
  • Be part of a community dedicated to personal ​growth.

Grab your Journal